CReWMaN 10th Anniversary Celebration Symposium



10:40 AM

Technical Program

Presentation slides coming soon

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Session I - Wireless Mobile Networks Convergence

Thursday, October 7, 2010

8:00 AM


8:45 AM

Welcome Address

8:30 AM

Inauguration and Introduction

9:15 AM

10:30 AM

Coffee Break

9:45 AM

Keynote Talk I

Donald R. Bobbitt (Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, UTA)

Bill Carroll (Dean, College of Engineering, UTA) (Slides)

Fillia Makedon (Chairperson, Dept. of Comp. Sci. and Eng., UTA)

Sajal K. Das (CReWMaN and NSF) (Slides)

Chair: Sajal K. Das

Zygmunt J. Haas (Cornell Univ. and NSF) (Slides)

  1. Stochastic Routing for Delay Tolerant Networks

12:20 PM


3:50 PM

Session IV - Security and Privacy

5:30 PM

Session V - Posters and Demos

Chairs: Hao Che, Mario Di Francesco (UTA)

Participants: UTA Students and Alumni

1:50 PM

Session III - Frontiers in Sensor and Vehicular Networks

1:00 PM

Session II - Panel Topic: Connecting the CReW

Chairs: Damla Turgut (UCF), Afrand Agah (West Chester Univ.)

Panelists: CReWMaN Alumni

  1. Habib M. Ammari (Hofstra Univ.)

  2. Amiya Bhattacharya (Arizona State Univ.)

  3. Mainak Chatterjee (Univ. of Central Florida)

  4. Preetam Ghosh (Univ. of Southern Mississippi)

  5. Amin Mazloom (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)

  6. Jing Wang (E2open, Inc.)

  7. Wei Wu (Research in Motion)

6:30 PM

Dinner/Banquet Speech

9:30 AM

Session VI - Pervasive Computing and Smart Environments

Friday, October 8, 2010

8:00 AM


8:45 AM

Keynote Talk II

Ronald Elsenbaumer (VP for Research, UTA)

Lynn Peterson (Associate Dean, College of Engineering, UTA)

Chair: Qilian Liang (UTA)

Rabinder N. Madan (Office of Naval Research)

  1. Fusion, Compressive Sensing and Cognitive Processing

12:40 PM

Closing Remarks

11:00 AM

Session VII - Social and Biological Networks

Emerging Trends in

Mobile, Sensor, and Social Networks

(MSS 2010)

8:30 AM

Welcome Address

12:45 PM


3:30 PM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM

Coffee Break

2:00 PM

Networking Opportunities