Pervasively   Secure   Infrastructures  (PSI): Integrating Smart Sensing, Data Mining, Pervasive Networking and Community Computing
         The  University  of  Texas  at  Arlington
Work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No IIS-0326505

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PSI addresses the application of pervasive computing to homeland security. Recent and foreseeable technological growth in such areas as mobile communications, wireless and sensor networking, pervasive computing, sophisticated portable devices, video and image processing, middleware and agent-based software has motivated us to explore the potential to create Pervasively Secure Infrastructures (PSI). The goal is to monitor, prevent, and recover from natural, unexpected, and inflicted disasters. The summary of the PSI project is available here.

Our aim is to conduct innovative research in security and develop a framework for PSI, followed by its prototyping, at the Institute for Research in Security (IRIS) at the University of Texas at Arlington. This project is a collaborative research effort, involving researchers from University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), University of Kentucky (UKY) and Pennsylvania State University (PSU).

Ongoing research work (in alphabetical order) is spread across :

  1. A.I. Lab
  2. Automation and Robotics Research Institute (ARRI)
  3. Center for Research in Wireless Mobility and Networking (CReWMaN)
  4. Global Information System Research Group (GIS)
  5. Information Technology Laboratory (ITLAB)
  6. Institute for Research in Security  (IRIS)
  7. Pervasive Information Community Organization (PICO)

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